Customer Reviews & Comments

Customer Reviews & Comments

At Electronic Sensors, Inc. / Level Devil Systems,
satisfied customers are our #1 goal.

Here’s the kind of comments we get:


“No one here would want to operate without Electronic Sensors, Inc., equipment & service.”

Kevin Mowery, Director, Customer Supply Chain,
Novus International, Inc.


“[ESI / Level Devil  tank monitoring]  helped us schedule trucks, and to know what was needed, and how much, at destination tanks…. helped us predict [refill needs].”

Ron Love, Oregon-based regional oil distributor,

“The ability to see nearly continuous readings (as opposed to a few times a day) is why we chose Level Devil’s Wi-Fi solution.”

Andrew Moseley, Director of Operations
Florida-based oil distributor Flamingo Oil (RelaDyne)


“[ESI / Level Devil  tank monitoring] saves a lot on fuel on big runs. Instead of sending a truck 100 miles to a tank that’s over half-full, we can schedule timely shipments to tanks in groups.’’

Chuck Solander, Ohio cryogenic distributor O.E.Meyer,

“The product has allowed us to automate our oil silo process and significantly reduce the training that was needed; in addition it has increased the safety of the facility and [reduced] the risk of oil leaks/spills.”

Aleczander Stith, Vermont Plant Manager/Engineer,
plastics producer Teknor Apex

“We use the monitors for overflow protection, and to identify if the wrong product has been pumped.”

Andrew Moseley, Director of Operations
Florida-based oil distributor Flamingo Oil (RelaDyne)


“[ESI / Level Devil  monitors warn when oil well tanks approach full], so you can stay on top of that, getting trucks out to pick up, so the well doesn’t have to shut down. That keeps the well producing… revenue,’’

Mark Goloby, Texas-based national oil field-supplier


“I have been thoroughly satisfied with the technical abilities and knowledge [of ESI ].’

Brian Golden, supervisor,
national chemical manufacturer ITW Pro Brands


“[ESI / Level Devil  systems help us] by taking the guesswork out of our tank levels. Spills and overfills are both costly and time consuming. Having a system like Level Devilthat you can have a high degree of confidence in — is worth it’s weight in gold in the oil business.

Rodney Tate, Indiana-based
regional oil distributor Heritage Petroleum


“…overall the quality is very high… The customer service and technical support is world class.”

Aleczander Stith, Vt. Plant Manager/Engineer,
plastics producer Teknor Apex

“I am happy with the [ESI Level Devil] product [and] service…”

Andrew Moseley, Director of Operations
Florida-based oil distributor Flamingo Oil (RelaDyne)


I am… honored to inform you that Level Devil  has been shortlisted to be featured in our prestigious ranking as “10 Best Oil and Gas Solution Providers of 2021“.

Justin Smith, Industry Era Review Magazine.

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