General Questions

What can Level Devil systems monitor?

We support a wide range of sensing applications.Our sensors are built for monitoring liquid tank levels; however, we can interface with any 0-5 volt or 4-20 milliamp sensor (flow, temperature, etc).,

My industry is not listed!

Level Devil products can interface with any 0-5 volt or 4-20 milliamp sensor, allowing us to serve a very wide range of industries. Yours is probably one we can serve!

Can I monitor via my mobile phone or device?

You can monitor Level Devil systems via any internet-capable device with a web browser.

Is there an app?

We have a mobile app for both Android and Apple devices.

What is the reason / reward for tank monitoring?

There are numerous reasons and rewards for tank monitoring, including:

For fluid consumers and producers:

  • Precision management of fluid assets, to minimize costs;
  • Protection against interrupted operations & revenue losses;
  • Early warning of overfills, spills, leaks, thefts, or malfunctions;
  • Minimization of fluid hazards and resulting accidents;
  • Avoidance of EPA spill/leak fines;
  • Simpler, more stable and predictable fluid-purchasing cycles;
  • Easier tracking, reporting, accounting and budgeting;
  • …and more.

For fluid distributors and pick-up services:

  • On-time performance, when needed;
  • Elimination of needless runs;
  • Reduced workload & manpower/equipment requirements;
  • Reduced fuel consumption;
  • Reduced wear-and-tear on equipment;
  • Reduced risk costs (accidents, insurance);
  • Better customer retention, due to reliable, timely service;
  • Greater operating capacity and potential customer base
    with the same equipment and workforce;
  • …and more.

For more about tank monitoring, see the article “Remote Tank Monitors Save Time and Money” in Tank Transport magazine, February 2019, front page.


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