Lube & Oil

For the Lube & Oil industry Electronic Sensors Inc. offers products that monitor oils . ESI provides sensors that work with oil, lubes, and others. We can monitor your tanks and your customer tanks all on one display. We control viewing rights down to a single tank.

Electronic Sensors Inc.’s modular design works with many industries and compounds which allows our customers to start small and finish big. Our controllers can monitor from 1 to 99 tanks. No need to try and project your finished solution, we grow our systems with you as you grow!

Communication Options:

  • Cellular coverage from all major providers
  • Wireless local area network (WIFI)
  • Ethernet via direct connection to a modem
  • Land line for those places not yet modernized


  • Solar power recharges internal battery for around the clock operation.
  • AC power directly to power supply for more than enough power.
  • Batteries run on Lithium Ion power for once a day reporting and an occasional alarm report.


  • Static Pressure Sensors – take the pressure readings and calculates a volume and height based against a set pressure values.
  • Top mounted Ultrasonic sensors – Use high frequency sound waves to calculate the distance from the sensor to the liquid. This gives the height and volume of the liquid in the tank.


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