Monitors / Controllers OVERVIEW

9023-tank-teller-monitorElectronic Sensors, Inc. (ESI) provides Level Devil ® American-made tank monitors, for local or remote tank monitoring — including some of the industry’s most popular sensor controller units. We have systems for single-tank or multi-tank installations (and most of our multi-tank controllers are also available in lower-cost single-tank versions).

Remote monitoring is available via celluar, landline, satellite, Ethernet, or serial/RS-232 communications — reaching your cellphone, smartphone or computer from virtually anywhere (using solar, battery or AC power). Local displays and alarms are also available, and relay boxes extend the functions possible for our monitor/controller units, allowing them to be programmed to control switches, pumps, relays and other devices.

Select the units you want from our current line of monitor/controller units (click on the model name or number for details).

FEATURES: Y = YES / o = optional
* (NOTE:All multi-tank units can also work as single-tank units, and some are available in lower-cost single-tank versions)

Model Number 9215 9035A 9225 9032A 9023A 9175 9230 9172
Model Name Mini-
Tank Monitor II Lil’ Devil II Tank Reporter II Tank Teller II The Stack Short Stack Penta Comm
1 1 5 6 99 99** 2 5
Display o Y Y Y Y o o
Alarm o o o o o
Cellular Y Y o Y
Landline o o o o
Satellite o o o Y
WiFi / Local RF o o o o
Ethernet o o o o
Serial Wire
/ RS-232
o o o o
Battery Y o Y Y ***
Solar o o o
AC o Y Y Y Y o o o
** Model 9175, The Stack, is available in lower-cost versions supporting fewer tanks.
*** For the 9172 PentaComm, solar or AC power – in addition to the standard battery – is recommended.

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