Oil Field

For the Oil field industry Electronic Sensors Inc. offers products that monitor oil level, pressure and temperature. Our modular design makes it easy to integrate a slue of field sensors into one easy to use system. All sensors are wireless and talk to one central controller. Field maintenance is not likely but easy to perform.

Electronic Sensors Inc.’s modular design works with many industries and compounds which allows our customers to start small and finish big. Our controllers can monitor from 1 to 99 tanks. No need to try and project your finished solution, we grow our systems with you as you grow!

Communication Options:

  • Cellular coverage from all major providers
  • Wireless local area network (WIFI)
  • Satellite if you have remote storage locations


  • Solar power recharges internal battery for around the clock operation
  • AC power directly to power supply for more than enough power.
  • Batteries run on Lithium Ion technology for once a day reporting and an occasional alarm report.


  • Differential Pressure Sensors- compares the pressure difference between two values
  • Hydro-static Pressure Sensors – Compares a pressure to atmosphere pressure.
  • And a complete range of level, temperature, and pressure sensors. Did we mention we have a totalizer too!

Why Level Devil?