9234 Mobile Monitor – Cellular Remote Tank Level Monitor

NEW!The 9234 Mobile Monitor™ is a compact, low-cost remote transmit unit (RTU) with integral fluid tank pressure sensor, capable of reporting a tank liquid level to the Internet (via cellular telecom) for remote private viewing through a secure portal, or relay to your computer, tablet, or phone.  With its long-life battery, and optional GPS sensor (which can report the tank’s physical location), it is ideal for mobile tanks.The RTU is housed in an unusually compact UV-protected PVC case, allowing it to fit in locations where other RTUs cannot. The 9234 can be fitted to a wide range of tank monitoring sensors — hydrostatic or differential pressure — for fluids ranging from oils and lubricants, to diesel fuel, to industrial and agricultural chemicals, to cryogenic tanks, to water.

Specifications:  (subject to change without notice)

      • Monitoring Capacity: 1 tank.
      • Sensor Input: Integral hydrostatic or differential fluid level sensor.
      • Output communications:  Cellular telecom to Internet, for:
          • Display on password-secured webpage
          • e-mail notifications
          • high-level / low-level alarms
          • custom data transfers to your system

    • Operating Modes: normal and deep sleep (for shipping or storage)
  • Power Source: Internal Lithium battery 3.6 Volt, with ampere-booster (included)
  • Enclosure: PVC, with UV stabilizer
  • Weight:  Approximately 1 pound
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 3.4 x 2.2 inches

Downloadable Specifications pdf

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