Lil Devil II 9225

Lil Devil II 9225

Multi-Tank Cellular Bubbler System



Use with indoor non-pressurized vented bulk tanks


Motor oil




Installs quickly and easily

Digital display

Cellular/Email alerts

High/Low level alerts

Low-cost option for monitoring up to 5 tanks


The Lil Devil II monitoring unit is designed to be installed quickly and easily for use with non-pressurized bulk tanks containing diesel fuel, motor oil, lubes, etc.  Lil Devil II is a “bubbler” system.  When prompted the monitoring unit pumps air through the tube and measures the pressure required to force air bubbles out through the open end.  Sending the information via cellular, the pressure information is used to calculate the vertical height (depth) of the fluid in the tank.  Then using the tank size and geometry information stored in our database, level devil systems calculate the actual gallons remaining in the tank and provides a digital read of the level.


Monitoring Capacity- up to 5 tanks
Tank Type- Non-pressurized
Max Tank Height-18 feet
Accuracy-Better than 1% of span
Power Source-110VAC @ 20VA
Tank Port-1/4 inch O.D. plastic tubing
Display-(Tank #’s) (Gallons/Inches)
Mounting Location-Inside, out of weather
Built in Tester-AC Loss
Weight-10 lbs
Maximum Distance from Tank-1500 feet
Dimensions-9W X 6H X 4D

Why Level Devil?