Oil Field Monitoring

For the Oil Field industry, Electronic Sensors, Inc. (ESI) offers products that monitor oil level, pressure and temperature. See the status of your tanks on your own private, password-protected page on the ESI / Level Devil  website — or have signals sent as automated voice messages or text messages to your phone (landline or cellular), or to your computer (smartphone / tablet / laptop / desktop) via e-mail or other methods that fit your needs.

“[ESI / Level Devil  monitors warn when oil well tanks approach full], so you can stay on top of that, getting trucks out to pick up, so the well doesn’t have to shut down. That keeps the well producing… revenue,’’

~Mark Goloby, Texas-based national oil field-supplier

Our modular design makes it easy to integrate multiple field sensors into one easy-to-use system, minimizing costs and complexity. All sensors are available with wireless communications, and can communicate to one central controller. Field maintenance is not likely, but is easy to perform.

“The product has allowed us to automate our oil silo process and significantly reduce the training that was needed; in addition it has increased the safety of the facility and the risk of oil leaks/spills.”

~Aleczander Stith, Vermont Plant Manager/Engineer, Teknor Apex

ESI’s flexible modular designs work with a wide variety of applications and environments—allowing our customers to start small and finish big. Our controllers can monitor from 1 to 99 tanks. No need to try to project your finished solution: we grow our systems with you as you grow!Satellite over US

Communication Options:

From the tanks…

  • Wireless for local monitoring.
  • Cellular coverage from all major providers
  • Landline communications, where cellular signals don’t reach.
  • Satellite communications, for exceptionally remote locationsESI Level Devil Tank Monitoring by WiFi and Cellular to any Computer or Phone.


  • Secure private web displays
  • E-mail alerts
  • Text message to phone
  • Automated voice to phone

…and more.

Power options:

  • Batteries – Long-life, replaceable or rechargeable batteries easily support once-a-day reporting and an occasional alarm report.
  • Solar power – Can recharge the internal battery for around-the-clock operation.
  • AC power – Offers more than enough power for constant operation and high-frequency reporting.


  • Differential Pressure Sensors- compare the pressure difference between two values
  • Hydro-static Pressure Sensors – Compare a pressure to atmosphere pressure.
  • And a complete range of level, temperature, & pressure sensors for the oilfield. (We have a totalizer, too!)

Don’t travel long distances, nor go out in foul weather, to check tanks.
Know their status NOW, wherever YOU are, with Level Devil®  remote tank monitoring.

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