9023 – Tank Teller II: Tank Monitoring System

9023 – Tank Teller II: Tank Monitoring System

The 9023A Tank Teller II™ is a full-feature, programmable liquid inventory monitoring and controlling modular system, ideal for simultaneous monitoring of large multi-tank installations. It consists of at least 2 components: the continuously powered Tank Teller II, and a minimum of 1 sensor to measure the level in any type of vessel. It can handle up to 99 tanks, with multiple other input and output capabilities.


9023-tank-teller-monitorThe Tank Teller II receives data from each sensor input, and using this data along with programmed tank data, it calculates and displays the current level for each tank in user-selectable units. It can accept a variety of inputs including analog, binary, 4-20mA, voltage, and digital—just to name a few. Output functions can be added to the controller including 4-20mA, printer, relay, RS232 computer interface, and modem communications (land line, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or satellite).

Using the onboard communications, level information can be collected for automation of purchasing, billing, and/or level controlling. It can also be used to program or troubleshoot the Tank Teller II via phone line.

Customer review:

Our facility Installed the Tank Teller II System [in] 1997, to monitor our 28 storage tanks. [It’s] worked reliably over the 25-odd years providing accurate inventory status and alarm notification for both potential overfill and empty conditions. …

Our tank monitoring equipment allows our personnel to know, real-time, exactly what the levels are in each tank. Come inventory time (taken twice each day) it is extremely easy for our personnel to read tank volumes in both inches and gallons and to compare those values against actual operational demand.

The audible overfill alarm has saved us from potential spill situations and expensive clean-up. Our local regulator and fire personnel truly value our having this capability.

Dave Rinefierd, Polsinello Lubricants
regional* distributor of motor oils & lubricants
(*New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New England)


    • Capability: 99 tanks, other sensor inputs.
    • I/O Channels: 256
    • Operating Temperature: -20°F to 140°F
    • Dimensions: 11.8 H x 7.3 W x 6.8 D
    • Power source: 100 watts, 120 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz, single-phase
  • Communications: Local display. Optional RS-232 serial line, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or modem (land line or satellite)

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