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Tank Monitoring Solutions

Level Devil II front panel - Tank 05 shows 206 gallonsElectronic Sensors, Inc. (ESI) is America’s premiere provider for local and remote tank monitoring. Our legendary Level Devil® product line is the most recognized name in the industry for local and remote tank monitor/sensor systems.  A few of our popular tank monitoring applications include the gas and oil industries (including fuel and lubricant distribution), industrial processing, hazardous chemicals, coatings, cryogenics, water, agricultural chemicals, and many more.

ESI Level Devil Tank Monitoring by WiFi and Cellular to any Computer or Phone.ESIs Level Devil products range from small, single-tank / local-display monitors, all the way up to large, state-of-the-art, multi-tank wireless remote-monitoring systems.

Remote Tank Monitoring:
offers secure tank-monitoring solutions that you can monitor from any phone you authorize, or (by password) internet-attached device, as well as local displays and alarms — allowing your facility to function as efficiently as possible — saving time, manpower and revenue for your business.

Your Level Devil tank monitor provides communications from your tanks, to you, by cellular,  satellite,  Ethernet, or local RF / WiFi, ensuring you get the information you need, wherever you — or your tanks — are.

ESI’s devices can use battery, solar or AC power, for maximum flexibility in installation, anywhere. Our 24-hour / 7-days-a-week remote monitoring service provides additional recording, reporting and alerting options, customized to your needs.

9176_stack_tank_monitorESI offers Level Devil systems that are modular and upgradable, to allow your company to scale your facilities and monitoring as needed. Our U.S.-based engineering, manufacturing, technical support, and data services assure you of quality, loyalty, understanding and responsiveness, focused on YOUR needs. Call us now, and put us to work for YOU:

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