Electronic Sensors, Inc. offers complete turn-key tank monitoring systems, with all the necessary parts for monitoring your tanks, including remote communications, local displays, alarm devices (with light and audible alarms), relay and protective barrier circuits, and all other hardware to make for quality, reliable tank monitoring.

Some of ESI’s optional accessories include:

DISPLAY UNITS:9179 Multi Display

Our optional display units can work with most ESI controllers/monitors to provide a clear visual display of your tank data. Useful where onsite local displays are desirable. NEMA 4-x enclosure; Membrane keypad and two large LCD displays show tank number and measurement. 120VAC. (For examples: 9179 Data Sheet.pdf)


Alarm Panel & Relay Box
This accessory contains two electrical relays (controlled by an ESI / LevelDevil monitor-controller, as programmed for your needs — for instance: high-level alarm, low-level alarm or rapid change alerts). The relays control two separate 120VAC circuits. These can be alarm indicators (Strobe Light and/or Warning Horn; see below), other signal devices, or other equipment. Includes light displays indicating whether alarm is for item A or item B (typically separate tanks), with large “SILENCE” button to easily and quickly silence alarm. Power status light. NEMA-4x enclosure. (NOTE: Optionally, we offer units with more than two alarms, and capable of reporting on several tanks.) 120 VAC.

Alarm / Reset buttons:
Allow user to remotely control the Alarm Panel & Relay Box
from another physical location. Available in 1-button or 4-button models.

Amber strobe light

Strobe light beacon:
Brilliant attention-getting high-intensity amber strobe light beacon (other colors optional). 80 flashes per minute. 120 VAC; 1″ conduit mount. Activated by ESI Alarm Panel & Relay Box.

Warning horn
Very loud attention-getting buzzer horn (adjustable 75 to 105 db at 10 feet). 120 VAC; 3/4″ conduit mount. . Activated by ESI Alarm Panel & Relay Box.



Portable Communications Test Box:  Assists in testing and local spot-monitoring of tank controllers / monitors.

ESI 7035U Cellular Modem-on-a-BoardCellular Modem-on-a-Board:  To adapt your instrument to the new 4G LTE Cat M1 telecommunications.

  • 7035T Cellular Modem (GPS-optional)
  • 7035U. Cellular Modem (very-low-power)

External Antennas & RF Coax Cable:  For installations where available signals are inadequate.


Barriers: Electrical safety devices limiting the energy into your system; most commonly used in volatile fluid environments for intrinsically safe requirements. Available for AC or Solar power.

(For details: Miscellaneous.pdf)

Fittings: To adapt our devices to your equipment) Includes flanges, couplings, ball-and-socket couplers, nipFittings for all applicationsples, elbow fittings, reducers (different-diameter adapters), and more. Metal / Plastic / PVC.

Cabling & Connectors: Wire, plugs, sockets and other cabling and connectors to ensure our equipment integrates effectively with your facility. (For details: Miscellaneous.pdf)

We’re determined to ensure you have all that you need for effective tank monitoring

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