9175 – The Stack: Wireless Multi-Tank Monitoring System

9175 – The Stack: Wireless Multi-Tank Monitoring System

The ultimate tank-monitoring system in versatility and capability

 — our premier product.

9175 — The Stack — shown with optional external antenna for communication with other nearby Level Devil tank monitors.

The Stack (ESI Model 9175) — our most popular and versatile system — is a modular, wired or wireless tank-monitor designed to meet your single-tank or multi-tank monitoring needs, with the maximum range of possible options and features.

The Stack reports tank levels using almost any communication option imaginable: cellular, satellite, landline, serial wire, Ethernet or local RF/WiFi.  Local display and alarms are also available.

Most units use the text-messaging service of the digital cellular phone infrastructure.

NEW!* The Stack now uses 4G/LTE Cat M1 cellular communications — which covers the United States, and most of the cellular telecom world — extending its useful life well into the next decade!

While data from The Stack can also be received via the Internet or telephone landline, you can receive data from an ordinary cellular phone with text-messaging service — allowing you to to setup and acquire data from nearly anywhere.

The Stack can monitor from 1 to 99 tanks (using lower-cost secondary monitor units on the additional tanks), and is available with a wide array of sensor modules to detect almost any kind of fluid imaginable. Available with battery, solar and/or AC power modules.


If you have a remote-monitoring need, The Stack™ —the most versatile instrument in remote monitoring—can probably handle the task.

This multi-tank monitoring solution is ideal for the following applications: multi-tank tank farms, remote locations, distillates, fuels, cryogenics and chemicals, with tank heights of 1 to 50 feet. But the exceptional versatility of The Stack allows its use with virtually ANY industry-standard 4-20 milliAmp or 0-5 volt sensor, including flow and temperature sensors, switches and mechanical gauges, and more.

ESI Level Devil Tank Monitoring by WiFi and Cellular to any Computer or Phone.Solutions

The Stack offers inventory monitoring capabilities from any internet-enabled device.  Includes the ability for delivery scheduling, shrink control, operational optimization, and EPA compliance.

This multi-tank monitoring solution can also reduce the cost of running your operation through reduced need for manpower and improved safety.

Product Description:

The Stack is built as a stack of modules, one for each major function of the unit. Each module is available in a variety for types, to custom-fit to your application. The Stack “wakes up” several times each day to perform a variety of programmable checks, and (if programmed or instructed to) will transmit a message with specific data.

  • A Module – COMMUNICATIONS, to communicate tank data to you:
    • Cellular for efficient communication through major cellular telecom providers.
    • Landline for access through traditional wire telecom, especially in areas without cellular service.
    • Satellite for access from exceptionally remote areas.
    • Ethernet for direct connection to your computer network.
    • Local RF / WiFi  for local connection to your computer network.
    • Serial / RS-232 for direct connection to your computer and many digital devices.
  • B Module – POWER (Battery/Solar/AC)
    • Battery for independent power; long-life or rechargeable options.
    • AC to provide reliable power, especially in high-volume use; also can recharge battery.
    • Solar to provide extra power independent of the AC power grid; can recharge battery.
  • C Module – CONTROLLER
    • Coordinates A, B & D modules
    • translates sensor data into usable information
    • schedules transmissions, responds to communications, triggers alarms.
    • programmable to your custom specifications and requirements.
  • D Module – SENSOR BASE
    • The attach point for sensors. Sensor options are available to measure:
      • Petrochemicals (fuels*, oil*, waste oil*, crude oil*, industrial and automotive lubricants*, and others;
      • Industrial chemicals* (including solvents, acids, alkaloids, coatings, slurry, etc.);
      • Cryogenics* (chilled/liquified gasses: oxygen, nitrogen, carbon-dioxide (CO2), propane, etc.)
      • Agricultural chemicals* (fertilizers, liquid feeds, pesticides, herbicides, etc.);
      • Food & Beverage liquids*;
      • Water and wastewater *;
      • and more *.

Although The Stack can accommodate a wide rage of sensor inputs, a typical configuration includes a liquid-pressure sensor connected to the main body of The Stack using a nylon tube. The main body is commonly installed with a large nylon pipe-fitting tube on its base, which screws into a 2-inch NPT opening located on top of a liquid storage tank.


A local display option, showing your data in large, durable liquid-crystal digits.

Specifications, Model 9175 The Stack:

  • Monitoring Capacity: 1-99 sensors/tanks
  • Power Source options:
    • Battery (long-life Lithium);
    • Solar panel with rechargeable battery;
    • AC power (with or without rechargeable battery)
  • Auto Report Rate: Field Adjustable (one minute to once-per-week)
  • Sleep Mode: Field Adjustable (always ON to 1 week)
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Dimensions: installation-dependent

Download a pdf of the specification here.

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