Tank Teller II 9023: Tank Monitoring System

Tank Teller II 9023: Tank Monitoring System

The Tank Teller II is a full feature, programmable liquid inventory monitoring and controlling modular system. It consists of at least 2 components: the continuously powered Tank Teller II and a minimum of 1 sensor to measure the level in any type of vessel. It can handle up to 99 tanks with multiple other input and output capabilities.


The Tank Teller II receives data from each sensor input, and using this data along with programmed tank data, it calculates and displays the current level for each tank in user-selectable units. It can accept a variety of inputs including analog, binary, 4-20mA, voltage, and digital just to name a few. Output functions can be added to the controller including 4-20mA, printer, relay, RS232 computer interface, and modem communications.

Using the modem, level information can be collected for automation of purchasing, billing, and/or level controlling. It can also be used to program or troubleshoot the Tank Teller II via phone line.


  • Capability: 99
  • Io Channels: 256
  • Temperature: -20F to 140F
  • Dimensions: 11.8 H x 7.3 W x 6.8 D

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