7035U – LTE cell modem

7035U – LTE cell modem

Cellular Modem Board

Advanced Data Communcations
for Electronic Devices

The 7035U is a compact cellular modem-on-a-board, with industry-standard RS-232 serial interface, permitting modern access to the Verizon telecommunications network for new and existing devices.

First developed to fit existing tank-monitoring systems using older-generation cellular modem circuits—giving them modern LTE M1 cellular communications capability—the 7035U cellular modem has been more broadly developed to also provide a practical item to upgrade, or develop, a very wide range of other devices and systems to use modern LTE M1 data communications.

· Cellular Communications Type: LTE M1
· Data Communications: RS-232 serial, single-polarity
· Antenna: External (via U.FL connector)
· Firmware: Standard mini SIM card socket (3FF)
· Power Source: External, 2.0-3.8 Volts DC
· Physical:

· Structure: Surface-mount electronic components on printed circuit board, permitting pad-mounting solder contacts
· Dimensions: 50 x 36 x 4.5 mm

· Compatibility: Interchangeable with ESI 7035T cell modem.



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