The Stack 9175: Wireless Multi – Tank Monitoring System

The Stack 9175: Wireless Multi – Tank Monitoring System

The modular, wireless tank gauging solution designed to meet your multi – tank monitoring needs, The Stack features inventory monitoring capabilities from any internet enabled device.  Includes the ability for delivery scheduling, shrink control, operational optimization along with EPA compliance.

This multi – tank monitoring solution can also reduce the cost of running your operation through reduced need for manpower and improved safety.

multi tank monitoring system


This multi – tank monitoring solution is perfect for the following applications: multi – tank farms, remote locations, distillates, fuels, cryogenics and chemicals.  This solution works for tank heights of 1 to 50 feet.

Product Description

A pressure sensor is connected to the main body of the 9175 using a nylon tube. The main body screws into a 2-inch NPT opening located on top of a liquid storage tank. The nylon tube protects the electrical wires from the contents of the tank and is used to lower the pressure sensor to the bottom of the tank. As the level in the tank changes, it causes a change in pressure which is available for data transmission. The 9175 wakes up several times each day to perform a variety of programmable checks and if instructed to, will transmit a message.


  • Monitoring Capacity: 1-99
  • Power Source: Lithium Battery (3 years)
  • Auto Report Rate: Field Adjustable (1 minute to 1 week)
  • Sleep Mode: Field Adjustable (always ON to 1 week)
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Dimensions: 0 H x 0 W x 0 D

Download a pdf of the specification here.

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